The XVF3500 4-mic stereo voice processor includes algorithms that are purpose-designed for challenging acoustic environments. Adaptive beamforming, echo cancellation, de-reverberation and noise suppression algorithms work together to ‘clean up’ the voice signal for automatic speech recognition systems and optimise them for the human ear in conferencing calling solutions.

Embed the XVF3500 series into new and existing products to give your customers a far field voice experience that delivers close range precision.





Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)

Acoustic Echo Cancellation removes echo from the microphone audio input and enables the XVF3500 to detect voice signals even when high-volume audio is playing through the product, enabling barge-in across the audio stream. The XVF3500 implements full stereo echo cancellation, delivering premium performance to consumer applications

Adaptive Beamformer

The adaptive beamformer identifies the ‘Direction of Arrival’ and isolates the voice of interest. This can be read to the host processor or, in a conference calling application, converted into LEDs to indicate who is speaker.

Noise Supression

Noise Suppression nulls stationary and non-stationary diffuse noise sources, for example air-conditioning and road noise where the frequency characteristics don’t change over time. This enables accurate, consistent voice detection.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

The Automatic Gain Control tunes the output channels for best results, whether that’s for an Automatic Speech Recognition Service (ASR) or communications.


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