xcore® delivers in hardware, many of the elements that you’d expect to see in a real-time operating system (RTOS). Separate logical cores for real-time tasks make it more predictable, more scalable and faster to respond than conventional RTOS based sequential processor systems.

Our software tools make it easy to define real-time tasks as a parallel system. They come with standards compliant C and C++ compilers, language libraries, simulator, symbolic debugger, and runtime instrumentation and trace libraries. Multicore support offers features for task based parallelism and communication, accurate timing and I/O, and safe memory management. All components work off the real-time multicore functionality, giving a fully integrated approach.

XTC Tools 15.2.1



Design advisory: Configuration of Windows XTAG service on non-English installations
Certain tools require access to the target board using native host USB drivers and the XTAG adapter. This target access may not work in virtual machine environments.


A 32 bit JRE must be installed on Microsoft Windows.


Running xTIMEcomposer on MacOS 10.15, Catalina guidelines.

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