XMOS Investors

We back individuals who want to nudge the world ahead in some way, using a transformative business as their fulcrum. Great companies, like Apple or Amazon or Netflix, aren’t formed from code and corporate charters. They’re built on a foundation of dreams and desires; raised up through struggle and sacrifice. 

Molten Ventures – previously Draper Esprit – is the first European tech-focused VC not tied to five-year cycles. We invest in Europe’s tech leaders at Series A and beyond to make more possible. More from hardware, more from software, more from healthcare, more for consumers… the hardest tech problems are just the biggest business opportunities.

We invest in entrepreneurs with the vision to shape the future of human living space, whether at home, at work or on the road

Amadeus backs entrepreneurs to win. Based on our experience of investing in over 190 companies, we bring the know-how and networks to help entrepreneurs build great companies, from early stage to global growth. We are focused on AI & machine learning, online consumer services, cyber security, digital health and medical technology, digital media, enterprise SaaS, fintech, regtech and insurtech.

Target Global is a leading technology investment firm. We nurture innovative companies into global success stories, providing investment, strategic advice, and practical support from concept through to exit.

We are a leading provider of innovative products with a focus on the key trends energy efficiency, mobility, security, IoT and big data. Innovation and partnerships are part of Infineon’s DNA. We walk the talk – together with startups we drive tomorrow’s solutions.

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