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For high-performance products – our flexible silicon and advanced DSP algorithms deliver stand-out results.

For best-in-class voice capture accuracy – whether commands are spoken up close or from across the room.

For peace of mind – our expert engineers are on hand to help you move rapidly from prototype to production.

Latest events

We’re getting ready for Computex 2019 in Taipei at the end of May, where we’ll be talking about our latest technology and it can help your projects.

In the meantime, read our wrap-up blog on MWC19 – a show that threw open the doors to the era of intelligent connectivity.

Our solutions

Voice interfaces

Enjoy a more immersive experience by adding voice control into your products to connect with an automatic speech recognition service.

Conference calling

Enjoy clearer, closer sound quality on your calls. From up close and at a distance, even the quietest voice will stand out with our conference calling solutions.

Premium USB audio

Enjoy premium sound quality, interface flexibility and intuitive control with our multichannel and Hi-Res USB audio solutions.

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Latest news

Mark Lippett talks about the chips that make Voice Assistants work

Voicebot Podcast Ep 87: Mark talks to Bret Kinsella about what technologies make the far-field voice recognition feature possible in smart speakers, smart TVs, streaming media boxes and other devices.
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MWC19 | 25 – 28 February | Barcelona 2615 1181 XMOS

MWC19 | 25 – 28 February | Barcelona

Going to MWC19? Building a voice interface into a new or existing product? Then come and see us at the show. XMOS far field voice processors are designed for high-tech, innovative device and hardware manufacturers who are looking to improve or implement a voice interface. Join us in our private meeting room to experience the…

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Alexa and her friends are everywhere at CES

So is the remote control being killed-off? In the long-term, absolutely. It’s gone. “Getting rid of the remote control is one of the strongest use cases for voice technologies,” says Mark Lippett, CEO at XMOS, whose farfield voice tech is used in soundbars, Freebox and Skyworth TVs to allow them connect to Alexa. Please click the…
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