USB & Multichannel Audio


The multichannel audio platform provides a scalable and flexible hardware and software solution for a wide range of consumer and professional audio products.

The multichannel audio platform is based on the family of multicore controllers, which includes high performance AI, DSP, I/O and control in a single device. The guaranteed real-time performance of xcore technology always ensures lowest latency bit perfect audio streaming to and from the USB host.

Supported by royalty-free software, our XTC development tools and purpose-built evaluation platform.

Click here for information on the XCORE-200 Multichannel USB Audio platform.



USB Compliant

  • High-speed USB 2.0 compliant device with low loopback latency.

Bit-perfect audio transfer

  • Up to 32 simultaneous channels of audio.
  • High resolution audio playback delivered through PCM up to 384kHz, 32 bits.
  • Local clocking, asynchronous USB audio transfer and PLL clock recovery ensures low jitter, high quality audio capture and playback.
  • Support for mixing and general audio processing.

Rapid development

  • Source code reference software and integrated suite of development tools mean royalty-free deployment and a fast time to market.
  • Flexible, deterministic and responsive processing power, easily customisable to meet specific product requirements.

Flexible I/O

  • Supports multiple audio formats, including PCM, S/PDIF and ADAC, over more than 8 channels
  • Simultaneous record and playback through multichannel streaming to and from host.
  • MIDI and GPIO interfaces for system integration.


Getting started is easy – simply purchase the dev kit and download the software!
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