XMOS wins at Made In The South West Awards 2018

Bristol 9 November 2018

We’re thrilled and honoured to pick up the award for ‘Best Collaboration’ at  Insider Media’s Made In The South West Awards  2018  – in recognition of the partnership between XMOS and Pillo Health.

It’s been a pleasure work with the inspirational team at Pillo Health and support them on their ground-breaking project. This award gives wonderful recognition to the teamwork and dedication involved in voice-enabling Pillo – the 24/7 companion healthcare robot.

pillow health

Pillo is so much more than a secure medication dispenser. This voice-activated home health companion delivers therapy reminders, health information, and companionship to keep your care plan on track, no matter what you’re dealing with. Pillo stores your pills securely and recognizes your face and voice. Pillo knows who you are and provides you with health information and your scheduled medication dose. It’s not just about dispensing your medicines at the right time; Pillo works with you in your day-to-day life, supporting and empowering you to improve your health, wellness, and confidence so you can retain your independence.

Central to Pillo, is a solution that allows voice commands to be captured across the room with pinpoint accuracy – across long distance, even when commands are spoken softly. And that’s where XMOS comes in.

Emanuele Baglini, CTO of Pillo Health said:

While designing our device, we were looking for the best solution to improve the voice capture accuracy to give our users a great experience. We tested the XMOS voice processor against other solutions on the market, and it outperformed them all for clarity, accuracy, distance, and direction. As we moved into development, the XMOS team were on hand whenever we needed them, to help us resolve technical hurdles and secure the best possible performance outcomes. The voice capture element of our design is critical to the success of Pillo, and that’s something XMOS understood from the start. A great partner and collaborator.

Mark Lippett, CEO of XMOS said:

We’re thrilled to have played a part in bringing Pillo to life and excited about commercial launch. The trials have shown the extraordinary potential the product offers to transform the lives of people across the globe. And it’s the result of an innovative, dedicated team. They have proved what can be achieved with a voice interface – and it’s just the start.

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