Remote possibilities: how conferencing technology can revolutionise the modern workforce

We’ve seen some momentous changes to the way we live and work in the last few years. While some of these shifts were temporary, others have fundamentally altered the way we do things, with increased flexibility for remote and hybrid working a key example that was born out of the pandemic.

Alongside this shift, we’ve seen a huge and sudden uptake in the software and hardware required to help workers join conference calls and collaborate effectively without being in the same room or building. This has become an expectation of the modern worker, however, the tools and equipment we use for collaborating and communicating both inside and outside of the office are not up to scratch. Not only can this reflect badly on the businesses that are providing their workers with the technology, but this also significantly impacts the workers themselves who are having to deal with the frustrations of poor audio, disrupted connections, and interruptions to what should be a seamless experience.

We carried out some primary research with 2,000 UK and US office workers to explore these challenges further and uncover the opportunities for product manufacturers in the conferencing technology space to stand out from the crowd. 

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