MWC 2018 | 26th Feb – 1st March Barcelona

Before they hit the post show “wall of exhaustion”, I got the teams’ reflections on this year’s MWC.

There was so much to explore and so little time to do it. With over 100,000 visitors, Mobile World Congress is still very much a showcase for the mobile communications industry. Whilst wearables made a big appearance, nothing in the mobile space felt really new and exciting.

But you didn’t have to walk the halls for long to get a sense of the huge variety of new technologies on show.

From big brands to start-ups, there’s a lot happening. Little wonder that it made such a good event for us to showcase our new technology. We launched our VocalFusion® Stereo Development Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service – the world’s only stereo-AEC far-field solution and our second Amazon AVS qualification.

It’s a step forward in human machine interface design, delivering accurate voice capture from across the room – even in noisy environments and when the user is speaking softly. It’s designed for integration into audio-visual products, ideal for bringing voice control to stereo TVs, soundbars and set-top box products.

We also gave a sneak preview into some of the new products we have in development – which included a technology we’re developing for in-car calls and enhanced conference calling applications. This separates audio signals and spatially identifies each individual speaker of interest within a crowded noisy audio environment to capture the voice and strip out the background noise – solving what’s known as the “cocktail party problem”.

And finally, here’s one we made ourselves! Our Alexa enabled lamp made an appearance – complete with disco lights for show.

MWC Barcelona

We wanted to give a real-world example of how Alexa can be integrated into everyday objects to sit helpfully and unobtrusively at the edge of the room. And it proved to be a big talking point among our guests.

The XMOS team were certainly put through their paces with a gruelling schedule of meetings with existing and potential new clients. There’s a genuine wave of excitement about the future of voice. And from where we’re standing, the view sounds great.

Thank you to everyone who popped in to meet with us. If you missed out this time, then drop us your details and we’ll make sure you’re first to know about our latest news and upcoming events.

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