Introducing Windows collaboration display by Sharp

“Walk in, plug in, work together”

XMOS is collaborating with Japan-based multinational corporation Sharp to create the first Windows collaboration display (WCD) by Sharp – the next generation interactive smart touch screen designed to improve teamwork by enhancing communication through easy video conferencing and remote collaboration.

Manufactured by Foxconn, the 70” 4K interactive display combines XMOS far-field voice-capture technology, Microsoft WCD specifications and Sharp’s award-winning touch technology to transform the way people collaborate together across enterprise applications.

When video conferencing, XMOS’ far-field voice processor can capture participants’ voices accurately from up to 4 meters away, removing all the additional noise to isolate and send the digital voice stream.

Located top-centre of the display, our XVF3500 stereo-AEC voice processor delivers up-close voice capture quality and processing accuracy at far-field range, simplifying the complicated business of cleaning up sound in a noisy space during a conference call.

XMOS VocalFusion® XVF3500 voice-capture technology:

  • Stereo acoustic echo cancellation: removes acoustic feedback between the display’s speakers and microphones to accurately capture voice commands.
  • Beamforming:identifies the direction the voice command comes from, even if moving.
  • Dereverberation:removes the echoes from the user’s voice as it ‘bounces’ off the hard surfaces in the room.
  • Noise suppression:removes exterior noises, e.g. air conditioning, people talking, pets etc.
  • Barge-in:enables users to interrupt when audio is being played through the device (or another source), with a voice command spoken at normal volume from across the room.

Mark Lippett, CEO of XMOS said: “This display brings together all the necessary tools into one place for a truly collaborative solution. We’re delighted to help bring this incredible new Windows Collaboration Display by Sharp to life and are proud that our voice-capture technology is playing a big part in helping people communicate effectively.”

About XMOS

XMOS is a leading supplier of voice and audio solutions to the consumer electronics market. Unique silicon architecture and highly differentiated software positions XMOS at the interface between voice processing, biometrics and artificial intelligence. For more information, please email

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