Embedding a secure solution for the AIoT big bang

The artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) represents one of the most exciting and important technology pairings in the world today. It is anticipated to explode into life in 2025 and with the current Covid-19 pandemic, we anticipate that this will accelerate further still. But with this revolution comes a range of challenges. No matter how far you want to take the concept of AIoT, its success depends on being able to drive one of the most impressive feats of electronics engineering the digital era has ever seen. AIoT devices demand a processor with high-performance compute, efficient energy usage and a low eBOM.

As AIoT devices proliferate, security and privacy become one of the most pressing challenges for applications soon to infiltrate our homes, workplaces and day-to-day lives.

In this session, recently recorded as part of Fierce AI Week, XMOS CEO, Mark Lippett, explores the way in which the AIoT will change the face of life as we know it.

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