Audio woes: A quarter of workers have weekly problems with virtual calls

Almost four-fifths of US and UK workers regularly experience issues with conferencing products and a fifth of workers have daily problems

Bristol, UK, 9 August 2023 — With 82% of workers in the US and UK joining virtual calls on a weekly basis, the tech we use to collaborate and communicate needs to be fit for purpose. However, new research from semiconductor company XMOS shows that this is not the case.

In fact, the vast majority (78%) experience regular challenges with conferencing products, with a quarter (25%) having issues at least once a week. Furthermore, more than one fifth (22%) of workers across these two regions encounter problems with virtual calls on a daily basis.

The audio experience is at the heart of these issues, despite almost two thirds (63%) stating that clear audio is the most important aspect of any conferencing call. More than half (51%) of workers have experienced poor sound quality on conference calls in the last 12 months; two fifths (42%) complain that they have experienced no sound on calls, a further 50% encounter annoying echoes, and over half (51%) say their calls are affected by delayed sound.

Commenting on the findings, Aneet Chopra, EVP Marketing & Product Management at XMOS, said: “The pandemic inspired many businesses to adopt a more hybrid approach to work – and workers have embraced this freedom. It’s now something that workers demand, rather than being seen as a unique benefit.

“That’s why it’s so surprising to see the sheer number of issues workers experience with the devices they need to connect remotely. The technology at their disposal has not necessary kept up with their requirements.

“When high performance and reliable audio is so crucial, both to individuals and organisations, it’s incumbent upon product manufacturers in the collaboration space to combat user frustrations, delivering fit-for-purpose solutions rather than letting these complaints fall on deaf ears.”

At XMOS, we believe that that the answer to these audio challenges lies in equipping manufacturers, engineers, and designers with the components to insert high quality audio into their conferencing applications without compromising on performance or time-to-market. The XVF3800 four-microphone voice processor has been designed specifically for this purpose, excelling in speakerphones, video bars, conferencing devices, and more.

To find out more about how XMOS is providing manufacturers with the solutions they need to solve many audio-based user frustrations, visit the company’s Remote Possibilities research report and discover how conferencing technology can empower the modern workforce:



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