XMOS joins AES standards committee SC-02-02-B to develop a new standard for Ultra Wide Band (UWB) high resolution low latency audio interface

In today’s rapidly evolving world of audio technology, staying up-to-date and having a voice in shaping the industry’s standards is critical. Joining a standards committee for audio processing provides a unique opportunity to work with experts, share ideas, and contribute to the development of cutting-edge audio technologies. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of participating in a standards committee for audio processing and how it facilitates innovation and collaboration within the industry.

1. A Platform for Networking and Collaboration

Being part of a standards committee opens doors to an extensive network of professionals who are passionate about audio processing. Collaborating with like-minded industry experts, researchers, engineers, and manufacturers allows you to share ideas, gain insights, and build connections that can enhance both your personal and professional growth. Engaging in productive discussions and debates helps in the free exchange of thoughts and foster a collaborative environment.

2. Establishing Industry Standards

Standards committees play a pivotal role in establishing benchmarks and guidelines for audio processing. By joining such a committee, you can contribute to the development of widely accepted and reliable standards that benefit the entire industry. Participating in the process of defining technical specifications, performance metrics, and evaluating emerging technologies enables you to shape the direction of audio processing and ensure its continued advancement.

3. Influence on Future Innovations

Working within a standards committee gives you the opportunity to influence the direction of future audio processing technologies. By collaborating with industry leaders, you can contribute to defining the features, functionalities, and performance objectives of upcoming devices and software. Helping to shape the future of audio processing can be both rewarding and instrumental in driving innovation and pushing boundaries.

4. Knowledge Expansion

Joining a standards committee presents an extraordinary opportunity to expand your knowledge base. By being involved in the industry’s dialogue and listening to different perspectives, you can gain valuable insights into emerging audio processing trends, advancements, and challenges. This engagement can broaden your understanding of the current state of the art, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

In conclusion, joining the standards committee for audio processing offers countless benefits, from networking and collaboration opportunities to influencing the development of technologies and establishing industry benchmarks. As a key player with a long-standing legacy in the audio market, XMOS’ active participation in shaping the future of audio processing enables us to further contribute to the industry’s growth, innovation, and standardisation. 

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About XMOS

A deep tech semiconductor company at the leading edge of the intelligent IoT, XMOS addresses the evolving market need for flexible compute to serve an ever-widening range of smart things across the primary pillars of consumer, industrial and automotive. The company’s uniquely flexible xcore® processors allow product designers to easily architect system-on-chip solutions purely in software, enabling faster time to market with differentiated systems that are cost-effective and energy efficient.

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