XMOS and Sensory: Powering the next era of voice control technologies

A new era of voice control technology is unfolding before us, and leading this digital revolution are XMOS and Sensory. By merging their unique and cutting-edge technologies, these two pioneers are redefining what’s possible in the voice activation realm. In this blog, we’ll explore the fusion of XMOS’s xcore®-voice and Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree, and how they’re shaping a future where interaction with digital devices is as natural as conversing with a friend.

Voice Computing Redefined: XMOS xcore®-voice

First, let’s talk about the XMOS xcore®-voice – a software-defined, low-power voice solution built on XMOS’s unique semiconductor platform, xcore.ai.  xcore-voice blurs the lines between hardware and software by unlocking the next level of technological integration and differentiation purely through software. From high-quality audio systems to high-precision motor control, xcore®-voice adapts to a multitude of applications across a broad range of markets, providing efficient and accessible embedded computers for every use case. But how does it transform voice computing? That’s where Sensory comes in.

Meet TrulyHandsfree: Sensory’s Masterpiece

Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree wake word engine represents a leap in voice recognition technology. With unmatched accuracy even in challenging environments – think background noise, accented speech, or far-field conditions – it stands as a testament to Sensory’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of speech technology. This advanced engine is flexible and highly compatible, designed to integrate seamlessly into a variety of chips and platforms, including XMOS.

Unleashing the Power: The XMOS and Sensory Partnership

The combination of XMOS’s xcore®-voice and Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree is a match made in tech heaven. Through their partnership, we now have the potential for voice computing systems that are as adaptable as they are precise. This means superior voice-activated control for diverse applications, from personal assistants in your living room to industrial automation in a bustling factory.

Further amplifying the partnership’s benefits, Sensory provides a powerful tool – VoiceHub. This online portal lets developers create their own custom wake words, phrase spotted commands, and natural language grammars at no cost. The tool is designed to offer unmatched flexibility for virtual assistant wake words, with a preset library of popular tuned wake word models, support for over two dozen languages/dialects/markets, and the ability to support custom branded wake words.

The convergence of these technologies makes for an exciting time for developers, companies, and consumers alike. The future of voice technology is here, and it’s more adaptable, efficient, and accessible than ever before.

Next-Gen Intelligent Voice Solutions: A Dive into VoiceHub & xcore®-voice with Sensory & XMOS

We were delighted to discuss these breakthroughs in a joint webinar session. Click here to watch the webinar and learn more about how Sensory and XMOS are revolutionising voice control technology.

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