PLEN Robotics announce PLEN Cube AI assistant, voice-enabled by XMOS.

Japan, 31 July 2019–PLEN Cube is a new, AI assistant service with a big personality! It’ll face you when you speak, give a little shake when it wakes up, nod its head as it ponders – it’ll even dance to your music. The PLEN Cube has plenty to make you smile.


Don’t be fooled by it’s size, it may fit in the palm of your hand but this playful, smart cube is a technology powerhouse with built-in full-HD camera, display, microphone array and speakers along with cutting-edge software speaker, and microphone array. It’s equipped with the latest technology such as facial recognition, face-tracking and voice recognition.


Thanks to the XMOS XVF3100 voice processor, you can control PLEN using your voice. It’ll hear your voice command accurately from close and all the way across the room. Get the weather forecast, stream music, set reminders and update your schedule – It’s good to talk!

Simply tell it to take a photo or video and it’ll move into action. PLEN Cube can also be understood immediately with “body language” and audiovisual cues, bringing a natural, intuitive feel to the way you communicate with your cube.

PLEN Cube can rotate 360 degrees to take a panoramic photo and uses computer vision technology to follow your facewherever you go. So PLEN can capture all your special moments and – sinceit’s wifi and bluetooth-enabled – post them to your social media sites too!

We think there’s PLENty to get excited about.

About XMOS

XMOS stands at the interface between voiceprocessing, biometrics and artificial intelligence. Today our unique silicon architecture and highly differentiated software delivers class-leading far-field voice capture for consumer electronics, and we’re building for a more natural human machine interface tomorrow. For more information, please visit

About PLEN Robotics

PLEN Robotics is based on the experience of PLEN Project Co., Ltd., which has been developing small robots for over 10 years in Japan, with the aim of developing home and personal service robots that are more practical than ever and that make people’s lives more efficient.

XMOS Contact (Japan)

Okawa Takashi

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