XMOS at VOICE Global 2020

At the start of June, XMOS took part in the VOICE Global event – a 24 hour, worldwide livestream, delivered by the team behind VOICE Summit. As part of the event, XMOS CEO, Mark Lippett delivered a session entitled ‘Voice vs touch: the shifting tide of interaction,’ which we’re delighted to share below.

XMOS at Voice at CES 2020

In January 2020, XMOS CEO, Mark Lippett, took to the stage at Voice at CES 2020 with Chief Evangelist, Alexa at Amazon, Dave Isbitski. In a fireside chat, they discussed how voice enables consumer products and the partnership between XMOS and Amazon.

XMOS at tinyML Summit 2020

The tinyML Summit 2020 was by no means tiny. With almost 400 attendees, the conference saw a 150% increase in attendance compared to the previous year. This led to a last-minute change in venue to accommodate the significant growth.      We were delighted to be Gold Sponsor for the event, showcasing XMOS and revealing our new crossover processor for …

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MWC19: are we ushering in an ‘era of intelligent connectivity’?

February | Barcelona It’s a bold claim to make, but after last year’s MWC Europe was described by some as a “damp squib,” this year’s theme proposed to “usher in the era of intelligent connectivity,” thrusting high-speed 5G networks, IoT, AI and big data to the forefront of discussions. Organisers were keen to highlight ‘intelligent …

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