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AN00122: Using XMOS HTTP stack [sw]

Version: 2.0.1rc1        Date: 2016-01-08 Download Version Released Comments 2.0.1rc1 2016-01-08 download 2.0.0rc1 2015-03-22 download 1.0.0 2014-10-02 download

Embedded Webserver Library

Embedded Webserver Library

This software library allows you to generate a webserver that
communicates using the XMOS TCP/IP server component.


  • Automatically package a file tree of web pages into data that be
    accessed on the device
  • Store web pages in either program memory or on an attached SPI
  • Call C/XC functions from within web page templates to access
    dynamic content
  • Handle GET and POST HTTP requests
  • Separate the handling of TCP traffic and the access of flash into
    different tasks passing data over XC channels. Allowing you to
    integrate the webserver in other applications that already handle
    TCP or access flash.

Typical Resource Usage

This following table shows typical resource usage in some different configurations. Exact resource usage will depend on the particular use of the library by the application.






Logical cores







Note that this does not include the TCP/IP stack (which is a separate
library) or any web-pages stored in memory.

Software version and dependencies

This document pertains to version 2.0.1 of this library. It is known to work on
version 14.1.1 of the xTIMEcomposer tools suite, it may work on other versions.

This library depends on the following other libraries:

  • lib_xtcp (>=4.0.0)

The following application notes use this library:

  • AN00122 – Using the XMOS embedded webserver library
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