XMOS VocalFusion technology used in newly Zoom-certified Anker PowerConf speakerphones

Bristol UK, 7th December 2020 — Leading voice-processing and AI company XMOS today announces that Anker has achieved Zoom 2.0 certification for the PowerConf, a portable speakerphone for professional-quality conference calls away from the office.

Anker’s PowerConf features the XMOS 4-mic VocalFusion XVF3000 voice processor. Cost effective and easy to implement, the XVF3000 is designed for challenging acoustic environments, with acoustic echo cancellation, automated noise suppression and dereverberation and beamforming all working together to capture the voice of interest as it moves around a room.

The PowerConf, announced at CES 2020, is targeted specifically at the small and home office sector. With Covid-19, conference-calling has become a critical way to connect, collaborate and converse with each other, and this ‘new normal’ demands a solution that delivers clarity of voice capture, even in the most challenging of acoustic environments. The purpose-designed algorithms from XMOS solve the audio challenges of our home working environment, removing unwanted background noise such as the dog barking or washing machine whirring – noises which aren’t typical of the ‘traditional’ office environment.

The PowerConf was a sell-out earlier this year, picking up a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and a Forbes review that commented on its ability to pick up voice. With the added accolade of Zoom certification, this portable speakerphone is set to attach a new wave of interest.

Mark Lippett, CEO, XMOS said: “With more and more people working from home now because of Covid-19, the need for effective conference-calling technology has gone through the roof.

“We all know the frustration of poor-quality speakerphones in terms of picking up voices within a room. They ruin meetings. But Anker have solved that, using our VocalFusion technology to build a device of standout quality. The PowerConf picks up voices clearly, even over background noise or if someone is speaking from a distance — enabling online video or audio conference to remain as productive as in-person meetings.”

Frank Zhu from Anker said: “Whether you’re on the move, working from home or need a handy, portable conference-room speaker, the Zoom certified Anker PowerConf delivers a superb performance at an affordable price.”


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XMOS is a deep tech company at the leading edge of the AIoT. Since its inception in 2005, XMOS has had its finger on the pulse recognising and addressing the evolving market need. The company’s processors put intelligence, connectivity and enhanced computation at the core of smart products.

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