XMOS supports a safe and secure home with BTicino

The CLASSE 300 EOS with Netatmo Wi-Fi hands-free connected video internal unit by BTicino (a brand of the Legrand Group) was launched in the summer of 2021. Incorporating XMOS’ XVF3510 voice processor, the intercom is far more than just a connected video phone, and combines integrated Alexa voice assistant, smartphone call redial, speakerphone, video answering machine, and a host of other great features you’d expect from a BTicino product.

Following a direct referral from Amazon, XMOS’ XVF3510 voice processor was selected for inclusion in the device. It was determined that the functionality, IO flexibility and ease-of use, paired with the low BOM cost, offered by the XVF3510, made it the perfect solution to address the requirements of the application.

Necessitating only 2 microphones, the thin form-factor of the XVF3510 was ideal for the sleek, slim design of BTicino’s device, making it aesthetically appealing, without compromising the designer’s imagination.

Qualified for Amazon Alexa Voice Service, and using XMOS’ unique purpose-designed algorithms, the XVF3510 enables BTicino to ensure a high-performance and seamless experience for the end user, delivering a clear voice stream from across the room, even with ambient and self-generated noise challenges.

Marco Catuozzo, VP R&D Building System SBU at Legrand said: ‘We are pleased with the performance of XMOS’ XVF3510 voice processor for our Classe 300 EOS device, and received timely and detailed support from XMOS throughout the development and production process. The home environment can be exceptionally noisy, with various media devices and appliances. Thanks to XMOS’ algorithms, the stand-out performance of voice capture within our device ensures a seamless experience for the user.’

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