TP Vision – Case Study

Founded in 2012, TP Vision is today one of the largest global players in the consumer TV and audio industries. The company develops, manufactures and markets consumer electronics products and technologies that offer a superior audio and visual experience. With operations in Europe, America, Middle East, India and Asia Pacific, TP Vision is home to a range of leading electronic brands and award-winning products.

In 2021, TP Vision were in the early stages of developing their first hands-free, smart TV with Alexa built-in for the consumer and enterprise markets. They were seeking an Alexa Voice Service (AVS) far-field audio front-end solution for inclusion in their six TV models that ranged in screen size from 43” to 75”.

The primary objective was to source a solution that could effectively deliver on performance and cost, while ensuring reliable and timely support from the provider.

XMOS and TP Vision had been in close contact for some time, and when XMOS launched the XVF3615 far-field voice processor in late 2021, it became clear that there was alignment between the high performance capabilities of the processor, and the challenges that TP Vision were looking to solve.

TP Vision were impressed by the cross-room barge-in performance that the XVF3615 delivered, ensuring smooth voice control and accurate wake word detection in noisy, real-world environments. Tested against a competitor part, the XMOS solution delivered significantly better performance in acoustic echo cancellation and noise suppression.

The XVF3615’s embedded Amazon wake word engine enabled TP Vision to offload the wake word processing from the host SoC, while the low system BOM cost was also appealing. TP Vision were further drawn to XMOS by the company’s ability to supply pre-qualified audio front-end (AFE) solutions and guidance for customers to pass qualification for their end products.

XMOS’ global and local support functions worked closely with TP Vision at various stages of the development process, including product definition, hardware design, SDK implementation and software integration.

By integrating XMOS’ XVF3615, TP Vision have expanded their product offering to include hands-free models of their smart TVs. Launched to the market in June 2023, the devices introduce a new era of voice control to the TP Vision product range.  

We look forward to continuing to collaborate with TP Vision to identify new opportunities that drive the evolution of consumer and enterprise user solutions.

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