The new normal? As Covid-19 takes hold, conference calling is more important than ever

Bristol UK, 1st April 2020

In the current climate, many businesses find themselves dependent on conference calling solutions as a way to connect with colleagues, collaborate with partners and converse with customers. This ‘new normal’ bypasses the face-to-face conversation and demands a solution that delivers clarity of voice capture, even in the most challenging of acoustic environments.

XMOS’ XVF3000 and XVF3100 4-mic mono series uses purpose-designed algorithms in order to solve the audio challenges of the new business environment. These algorithms work together to remove unwanted background noise such as the dog barking or washing machine whirring – noises perhaps not suffered by the ‘traditional’ office environment.

Taking advantage of the superior performance of the XMOS offering, Anker has recently unveiled their first portable conference speaker which includes XMOS technology. PowerConf, announced at CES 2020, is targeted specifically at the small and home office sector.

Similarly, eMeet’s OfficeCoreM2 delivers versatile performance and excellent sound quality, whether at home or on the go.

We anticipate further growth in the conference calling market in the coming months and years. As the traditional understanding of an office space evolves, and global travel reduces, we need to ensure that the lines of communication remain open, clear and reliable.

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