The AIoT: what our research with electronics engineers tells us about the next technology revolution

The artificial intelligence of things — the “AIoT” — is likely to be the one of the biggest technological advances in humankind since the advent of the internet.

What will become a $3 trillion market by 2025, according to Gartner, will underpin almost everything we do in life, whether it’s controlling our homes, powering our cars, protecting our cities, monitoring our health or manufacturing the products we buy.

But what is it? In short, it’s the convergence of two major technology trends — artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). Everything around us is already becoming more connected, soon these objects and devices will also become smarter.

We wanted to explore why the AIoT is only now gaining traction, looking at the barriers holding back this revolution and the ways in which the industry will overcome them to unlock the full potential of the AIoT. To better understand these challenges, we commissioned research with 200 electronics engineers. 

In our report, entitled The Edge of Tomorrow, these engineers tell us exactly where they believe the biggest opportunity for the AIoT lies, what the market- and device-level barriers are to the market taking off, and what the solutions to these barriers need to be.

The edge of tomorrow is today — and it’s free to download here.

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