Part #: XA-XTAG
Silicon on Board: XS1-U8A-64-FB96

The xTAG debug adapter provides a high speed, low latency bridge between USB on the host and fast JTAG connection (up to 10Mbps) on the target. Unlike other adapters, the debug stub is executed on the adapter itself. This ensures lightning quick debug functions, such as single stepping, by massively reducing the communications overhead.

In addition to the standard debug capability, optional UART and xCONNECT ports are supported, providing communication with the xCORE during run time. These ports allow you print to the console and are the key to our very high performance xSCOPE real time instrumentation. These debug functions are completely soft because the xTAG only contains a USB bootloader, allowing debug capability to be changed or improved on the fly via firmware.

Earlier version of xTAG: All XMOS development kits (apart from startKIT) are shipped with an xTAG debug adapter. Some of these kits include an earlier version of xTAG which provides the same functional performance. See xTAG v2.0 Debug Adapter for further details.

Using xTAG with Windows 7 (64bit) and USB 3 ports: Windows 7 has a long standing issue with USB 3 drivers, as USB 3 was not supported by Microsoft with their own driver until Windows 8. This means that every machine has to use the manufacturer's Windows USB 3 driver. If xTIMEcomposer cannot find the xTAG adapter (despite Windows reporting proper driver installation) please refer to the workaround described on: http://www.xcore.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=3964.

xTAG Requirements

  • The development board must have an xSYS2 connector
  • xTIMEcomposer software development tools 13.2.0 or later