xCORE General Purpose sliceKIT

Part #: XK-SK-L2-ST
Silicon on Board: XS1-L16A-128-QF124

The xCORE General Purpose sliceKIT starter kit provides everything you need to build your first application using xCORE multicore microcontrollers, for just $149. The Core Board provides a 16 core multicore microcontroller, which together with the xTIMEcomposer tool suite and xSOFTip allow you to quickly and easily achieve your goals. The two slice cards included in the kit give you access to a wide range of applications, demonstrations, examples and tutorials.

xCORE General Purpose sliceKIT Kit Contents

  • Core board with 16 core xCORE multicore microcontroller
  • GPIO Slice Card
  • Ethernet Slice Card
  • xTAG debug adaptor
  • JTAG adaptor
  • Power supply