USB Audio 2.0

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Version: 1.3.2rc0.a       Date: July 15, 2014
1.3.2rc0.aJuly 15, 2014 download view
1.2.2rc4.aMay 26, 2015 download view
1.2.2rc0.aApril 15, 2014 download view
1.2.1rc0.aMay 26, 2015 download view
1.2.0rc0.aMay 26, 2015 download view
1.0.1rc0.aJuly 26, 2013 download view
1.0.0rc4.aJuly 24, 2013 download view
1.0.0rc2.aJuly 22, 2013 download view
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  • scope

    General Use.

    This code is suitable for use in development of products. Please note that, although all attempts have been made to ensure the correct functionality of this block, the final quality of any product using this block is the responsibility of the user.

  • description

    Library providing USB-device capabilities on xCORE-USB devices.

  • keywords

    usb, endpoint

The xCORE-USB Device Library provides support for creating USB devices on the xCORE-USB family of devices. There are two demonstration applications for using the library; a HID Class demo and a Custom Class demo.

The Design Guide for more information on using this library to create USB devices.

Note: this library can be used with the L-Series but the Makefile will need to be modified as described in the Design Guide.