Evaluating and developing with xCORE multicore microcontrollers is easy thanks to our flexible design kit, sliceKIT. sliceKIT comprises a core board powered by an xCORE multicore microcontroller with four slots for plugging in four I/O sliceCARDs.

The sliceKIT core board features a dual-tile L16 or U16 device that delivers the deterministic, responsive processing required to handle a variety of peripheral interfaces, data processing and control tasks. Each additional I/O sliceCARD is supplied with a demo application that lets you to get up and running quickly. The result is a framework of peripherals and I/O providing you with an exact fit chip for your system.

Your starting point is a powerful sliceKIT bundle. For example, the sliceKIT General Purpose Kit includes an L16 core board, Ethernet and GPIO slices, plus a debug adapter and power supply, all for $149. From there, the possibilities are endless. For example, you might have an Ethernet to UART bridge consisting of Ethernet and the multiple UART slice. You now need to add support for a second Ethernet interface. Easy! Simply add another Ethernet slice to your hardware, a second Ethernet block to your design and fill in the code between the peripherals.

We provide a large and growing range of expansion slices supporting a broad range of I/O types. The slices connect to the core board using low cost PCIe style connectors. This reduces the cost of slices since the connectors are simply contacts on a dual sided PCB. It also means adding your own slice is straightforward.

xCORE General Purpose sliceKIT

The starter kit provides everything you need to build your first application using xCORE multicore microcontrollers, for just $149. The Core Board provides a 16 core multicore microcontroller, which together with the xTIMEcomposer tool suite and xSOFTip allow you to quickly and easily achieve your goals. The two slice cards included in the kit give you access to a wide range of applications, demonstrations, examples and tutorials.

Kit Contents

  • Core board with 16 core xCORE multicore microcontroller
  • GPIO Slice Card
  • Ethernet Slice Card
  • xTAG2 debug adaptor
  • JTAG adaptor
  • Power supply

Part #: XK-SK-L2-ST

xCORE-Analog sliceKIT

The xCORE-Analog sliceKIT kit contains everything you need to start developing applications on the powerful xCORE™ multicore microcontrollers from XMOS. The xCORE-Analog sliceKIT features our 16-core xCORE-Analog device (XS1-A16-128) which combines the low latency and timing determinism of the xCORE architecture with the simplicity and ease of use of integrated analog peripherals.

We also provide Ethernet communications and Analog I/O interfacing as part of the kit, and these capabilities can be developed with our rapidly expanding library of I/O boards (sliceCARD).

Application development is supported by our xSOFTip library, which is seamlessly integrated into xTIMEcomposer Studio, allowing you to drag and drop your multicore microcontroller configuration into the sliceKIT.

Kit Contents

  • Flexible core board with 1000MIPS, 16-core xCORE-Analog multicore microcontroller
  • Five I/O slots for sliceCARDs (up to four can be used simultaneously)
  • Four digital slots and one mixed signal slot for I/O sliceCARDs
  • Mixed Signal sliceCARD
  • 10/100 Ethernet sliceCARD
  • xTAG-2 debug adaptor
  • JTAG adapter

Part #: XK-SK-A16-ST


The xCORE-USB sliceKIT contains everything you need to start developing USB applications on xCORE multicore microcontrollers. The xCORE-USB sliceKIT features our 16 core High Speed USB device which delivers the deterministic, responsive processing required to handle a variety of peripheral interfaces, data processing and control tasks.

The kit includes the USB sliceCARD with USB A and USB B connectors which works with xCORE-USB integrated High Speed USB 2.0 PHY. Our sliceKIT product range includes a wide variety of other slice I/O cards, making it easy to rapidly develop systems.

Kit Contents

  • Core board with 16 core xCORE-USB multicore microcontroller
  • USB A/B sliceCARD
  • Mixed Signal sliceCARD
  • xTAG-2 debug adaptor
  • Power supply

Part #: XK-SK-U16-ST

Audio Slice

The Audio Slice Card provides audio and MIDI connectivity to sliceKIT. Four audio input and four audio output channels are provided on the Slice Card via an I2S interface to audio codecs. The xSOFTip I2S component drives all 4 channels in both directions at sample rates up to 192 KHz. Additional features include an SPDIF output, MIDI input and output connectors.

If you're building an audio application, this is the Slice for you!


  • 4 analog input channels via two 3.5mm jack
  • 4 analog output channels via two 3.5mm jack
  • MIDI I/O
  • SPDIF output via coax
  • On board audio clocks

Standalone Demo

The standalone demo for this slice card allows you to use the I2S xSOFTip to create a digital audio loopback between the I2S inputs and I2S outputs. From there, you might want to add an SDRAM and your own audio effects, or perhaps you want Ethernet, or perhaps something entirely different...


Ethernet Slice

The Ethernet Slice Card provides 100Mbps Ethernet connectivity to sliceKIT. Combined with Ethernet xSOFTip, it allows XCORE multicore microcontrollers to be used in any embedded Ethernet system. You might want a TCP stack and webserver in your system, or maybe you need to provide highly responsive, low latency command and control over UDP, or even you own custom protocol. You might even want two Ethernet ports - XCORE gives you the flexibility to do it.



  • 10/100Mb Ethernet phy
  • RJ45 connector (cable not included)
  • MII interface to xCORE

Standalone Demo

The standalone demo for this slice card allows you to use xSOFTip to run a webserver on your xCORE multicore microcontroller. Using the TCP/IP and Webserver xSOFTip you can quickly extend this to provide Ethernet connectivity for any application.

Part #: XA-SK-E100

GPIO Slice

The GPIO Slice Card provides a collection of features to sliceKIT including LEDs, buttons and A/D inputs. Combined with xSOFTip it allows simple input/output functions to be evaluated easily, and provides I/O expansion to connect your sliceKIT to other systems. The quick start guide will help you get up and running with sliceKIT in seconds.


  • 4 LEDs
  • 2 buttons
  • One RS232 serial cable with DB9 connector(cable not included)
  • 4 channel A/D via I2C interface
  • Thermistor input via A/D

Standalone Demo

The standalone demo for this slice card allows you to use xSOFTip to flash LEDs, read the ADC via I2C and output to the console via JTAG.

Part #: XA-SK-GPIO

IS-BUS Slice

The IS-BUS sliceCARD provides flexible serial connectivity for industrial applications. It includes transceivers for CAN at 1Mbps, LIN at 20Kbps as well as a RS485 at 12Mbps, backed up by associated xSOFTip blocks. All three interfaces may be used simultaneously when connecting via the 0.1” headers. Alternatively one interface can be routed to the DB9 connector


  • Unique multicore microcontroller architecture
  • Hardware response from a programmable device allowing software implementation of industrial communications
  • Any serial protocol up to 60MHz pin speed, higher speeds with external SERDES
  • Fully tested soft IP, including: UART, RS485, USB, SPI, CAN, I2C, PWM, IEEE 802. Ethernet, ModBus
  • Ample headroom for other real-time tasks: Multi-axis motor control, HMI features, motion control, signal processing


LCD Slice

The Display Slice Card brings a 480 x 272 RGB display to sliceKIT. The xCORE multicore microcontroller drives the display directly without the use of an external LCD controller, via a parallel RGB interface. Using the xSOFTip LCD controller you can add a display to any system. The SDRAM slice could also be a useful addition to your system, providing additional data memory for frame buffering.

Want to drive a different display? - no problem, the LCD xSOFTip can easily be modified to support other display configurations, up to 800x600.


  • 480 x 272 full color display
  • 40-pin ZIF connector with ribbon cable to the display
  • Resistive touch screen with 2 wire interface to xCORE

Standalone Demo

The standalone demo for this slice card drives the display with a refresh rate of 66Hz. A dual line buffer implementatio uses the internal xCORE memory to display a bouncing 'X' on the screen.

Part #: XA-SK-SCR480

Multi UART Slice

The Multi UART Slice Card provides eight 115.2 Kbaud Full Duplex Uarts connected to two 8-bit ports. Combined with sc_multi_uart xSOFTip, it allows XCORE multicore microcontrollers to implement multiple fast RS232 or TTL UARTs in the minimum number of logical cores. This Slice Card along with the Ethernet Slice Card and the associated xSoftIp also form the basis of a fully feature Ethernet-to-multi-serial reference design.


  • 8 full duplex RS232 UARTs via IO headers
  • DB9 connector allowing RS232 serial cable to connect to one of the UARTs (cable not included)
  • Up to 115.2 Kbaud
  • configurable parity, stop bits, bits per character

Standalone Demo

The standalone demo for this slice card uses the multi UART xSOFTip to create a UART and send data to and from a PC COM port.

Part #: XA-SK-UART-8


The SDRAM Slice card provides a large external random access memory to sliceKIT, perfect for any application where a large external data buffer is required: image buffering for a display controller, audio buffering for effects processing, or perhaps data capture, processing and logging.


  • 8 MByte SDRAM
  • Clock speed upto 50MHz
  • Data rate upto 80MBytes/second

Standalone Demo

The standalone demo for this slice card provides a simple example of reading and writing memory using the SDRAM xSOFTip.


WiFi Slice

The Wi-Fi sliceCARD uses a high performance 2.4GHz WLAN module to bring 802.11b/g wireless connectivity to sliceKIT, with throughput of up to 7Mbps. Using the ready-built xSOFTip SPI component, it allows you to easily integrate the wireless module into your application. Our xSOFTip Explorer tool includes demo apps and full documentation to get you started quickly.


  • High performance 2.4GHz WLAN module
  • 802.11b/g wireless connectivity
  • Throughput of up to 7Mbps


Slicekit Core Board

Already got a starter kit and would like to expand your system, or perhaps you are building your second system? The Core Board is delivered without the JTAG adaptor or slice cards. Of course, you can pick and chose which Slice Cards you need for your application.

Kit Contents

  • Core board with 16 core xCORE multicore microcontroller
  • Power supply
  • JTAG adapter

Note: The xTAG-2 is not included. See Debug adapters for further information.

Part #: XP-SKC-L2