“Ok Orange!” XMOS helps bring the Orange Djingo smart speaker to life

The Orange and Deutsche Telekom partnership goes from strength to strength. Hot on the heels of Deutsche Telekom’s Magenta comes the Orange Djingo smart speaker, which was revealed at the Orange #ShowHello on 12 December 2018.

This smart device supports Orange Djingo and has Alexa built-in, to offer a wide range of additional services. You can use it to make hands-free voice calls, interact with Orange TV and control your ‘Connected Home’ services from Orange as well as main IoT brands like Philips Hue, Bosch.

orange smart speaker

Compact and attractive, this clever new speaker uses XMOS VocalFusion® XVF3000 far-field voice capture technology with a circular microphone array. XMOS high-performance silicon and voice algorithms deliver a superior 360 degree, robust far-field voice control system that allows the user to listen to music at the same time as using voice command controls.

For more information, please visit the Orange press room.

Bristol/Paris 13 December 2018