Medical tracking for the modern age

Fascinating work from the team at UMass Amherst, to develop a device that analyses coughing and crowd size.

It’s been widely reported that this new edge-computing platform, envisioned for use in hospitals, healthcare waiting rooms, and larger public spaces, may expand the arsenal of health surveillance tools used to forecast seasonal flu and other viral respiratory outbreaks, such as COVID-19.

The UMass Amherst FluSense device consists of three components: a camera, a microphone, and a computer – which includes our XVF3000 processor (using the re-speaker v2 board). This compact device (about the size of a large dictionary) uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict trends in infectious respiratory illnesses, such as influenza, by detecting cough sounds and counting people in public spaces.

We’ll watch the FluSense device with interest. 

To find out more, check out the write-ups in EE TimesUMassDaily MailIndia Times, The Register and Technology Networks.

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