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amplify labs

Amplify Labs is a product design firm based in San Jose, California with deep expertise in acoustics, audio system architecture, and DSP tuning for a wide variety of applications.


JOYNED is a software company helping manufacturers of professional audio equipment to integrate open standard network technology into their products.
Our software enables your products to operate in AVB/Milan networks. Your products will benefit from the superior performance of AVB networks and Milan interoperability.


PawPaw provides expert support across USB audio technology, microphone array integration and speech recognition control solutions for AI products.


Located in Shenzhen, China, HANMUS specializes in audio technology research and development,providing USB Audio, FX, Audio Processor and Digital Mixer solutions.


ByteSnap delivers consultancy for electronics software development and hardware design across the embedded electronics project lifecycle.


InSignal provide various customized software and hardware solution services for customers, ranging from design to mass production.


Numerix-DSP is an internationally respected supplier of DSP software, consultancy and training


Bithium specialise in embedded system design, prototyping, testing and production with know-how in DSP integration.

JUSST provide technical consulting and development. Audio and video signal distribution (software and hardware) is their main business.


Consult Red provides whole product integration services from hardware to software including chip to cloud security support.


Indy Acoustic Research specialise in acoustic testing, debugging as well as integrating speakers and microphones into unique product designs.


Synapticon delivers solutions for embedded computing and control systems to improve the future progression of robotics, automation and the internet of things.


Our R&D team are bringing the future forward. Building on our platform, and leveraging our expertise in digital signal processing as well and extending our capabilities with new partnerships, we’re working on applications that detect human presence, use a human keyword and lean into imaging and radar for individual identification.

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