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Programming multicore: the right way?

Posted: 24 March 2014

Last week I attended the NMI (National Microelectronics Institute) event on Multicore Processors and Programming. The event was focused on how the embedded industry will adapt to the new wave of multicore processors.

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AVB finalized for media over Ethernet

Posted: 16 September 2013

It's great to hear that the first phase of standardization for Ethernet AVB (Audio Video Bridging) is complete. We now have an industry standard way of transferring digital audio and video data via Ethernet - the most successful networking technology the world has ever seen.

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New year, new location!

Posted: 02 January 2013

XMOS has moved up in the world. We are installed in our fantastic new offices in Bristol. We now have a great environment and brilliant facilities, with lots of room to grow and a fantastic view across the city from our 6th floor terrace.

You can find us at Prudential Buildings, 11-19 Wine Street, Bristol, BS1 2PH, UK, in the center of the city.

View from XMOS roof terraceView of XMOS Wine Street office at night

Wine Street map
Google maps link

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