Voice interfaces unleash Orange's original vision

Posted: 08 July 2016

I've just watched a promotional film that Orange recorded in 1999 called The Future's Bright The Future's Orange. It was striking that all the film's ambitions are as relevant to voice interactions today as they were to the world of mobile communications almost two decades ago.

There are things in the film that haven't materialised, and some that are finally coming true - Hilary Clinton is running for president. But from a technology perspective why not have a personal assistant that you can talk to who helps with the mundane chores of everyday life, gets your children organised, helps with planning your children's birthday parties, buys products and gifts, organises business meetings and hotel bookings? You should be able to check the weather, traffic and house security as you move around your home or on the way to work and personal meetings. Voice biometrics can deliver extra security checks for your children or when you're travelling. People and machines should be able to contact you if there's important information, be it the clinic or car management system.

Orange Shop Sign

As I watched the film it was easy to imagine how each 'beep' should be replaced with everyday commands and people could hold conversations with voice-enabled products within the home, office, school, car or just on the beach. There's no need to have user interfaces with buttons and screens when everyone, including young and old, can just talk with the technologies that we use to run our lives.

Orange is no more, but in 1999 it launched a multi-national company on the back of the film and changed the way that people lived with mobile technologies. 17-years later the power of voice is being unleashed in a new generation of things and objects, enabled by XMOS' market-leading voice technology - setting users free from the constraints of screens and providing intuitive, pervasive experiences.

Thanks to DmanLondon for posting the video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOVKANECxjg.

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