USB Audio Driver Support


The XMOS USB Audio firmware supports both USB Audio Class 1.0 and USB Audio Class 2.0. Operation with a USB Audio Class 2.0 host is preferred because of its extended feature set and use of USB 2.0.

Apple OSX version 10.6.4 and above natively supports USB Audio Class 2.0 – no driver install is required.

Windows, however, only provides support for USB Audio Class 1.0. To use a USB Audio Class 2.0 device under Windows requires a driver. XMOS therefore provides a free Windows USB Audio driver for evaluation and prototyping, a free stereo-only driver for production, and a path to a more feature-rich multichannel production driver from Thesycon - see USB Audio Class 2.0 Windows Driver Overview.

Evaluation and production Windows drivers are also available from our partners CEntrance or Ploytec.

NOTE: XMOS does not provide drivers for third party USB products, even if they use XMOS USB chipsets internally. If you need a driver for your USB device, please contact your supplier who will be able to provide you with a drivers for their product.


Installation Instructions:

The download package (EXE) contains the evaluation driver, but does not automatically install the evaluation driver.

  • Attach the board using the USB connector.
  • Go to C:\Thesycon\TUSBAudio_v4.11.0_2017-05-16\EvaluationKit\DriverPackages (or the location that you installed the driver).
  • Execute XMOS_EVAL_KITS_DEMO_DriverSetup_v4.11.0_2017-05-16.exe, to install the driver.
  • Click the red 'T' icon that has been added to the Task Bar to open the Thesycon Control Panel. The window shows all attached XMOS USB devices.