Accelerating Alexa Voice Integration

VocalFusion 4-Mic Kit for Amazon AVS

  • Evaluation board based on xCORE XVF3000 voice processor
  • 4-Mic linear array with 33mm spacing
  • Exceptional far-field voice capture with advanced voice DSP
  • Qualified by Amazon for the Alexa Voice Service

The kit features a compact four-microphone linear array, that enables developers and OEMs to add far-field voice capture to consumer electronics and IoT products. The linear design is optimised for integration into flat screens, white goods and kitchen equipment, and other consumer electronics.

The voice signals are captured by the microphone array even in noisy environments, enabling conversations and commands to be accurately processed and passed to the Alexa client running on a system processor.

VocalFusion 4-Mic Kit for Amazon AVSMono-AEC

What's in the box?

unboxing video

XVF3000 processor board

Linear microphone array card

  • 4x PDM MEMS microphones
  • 33.33mm inter-mic spacing


  • xTAG debugger
  • USB cable x2 + ribbon cable + RPi interface cable

Detail: XVF3000 voice processor

  • Voice processor for far-field voice capture applications, with integrated Voice DSP, includes:
    • 4 microphone adaptive beamformer
    • Full-duplex AEC with barge-in support
    • Dereverberation, noise suppression, gain control
  • 4-mic digital microphone interface
  • I2S serial audio interface + I2C serial control interface
  • High speed USB2.0 compliant device

You will also need: Raspberry Pi 3 and other peripherals detailed in Getting Started Guide