Our comprehensive suite of tools provides everything needed to develop and deploy xCORE multicore microcontroller based products. The xTIMEcomposer Studio design environment is built on industry standard tools such as the GDB debugger and LLVM compilers, and extended with unique tools such as the XMOS Timing Analyzer (XTA) and xSCOPE software scope that take advantage of the determinism of the xCORE architecture. All the tools are integrated into the Eclipse IDE and available on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX platforms. Best of all, xTIMEcomposer is available free of charge here at our website. With xTIMEcomposer, you’ll never miss a deadline.

xTIMEcomposer Studio video

The xTIMEcomposer development tools includes everything you need in a single environment including debuggers, compilers, simulator and flash burning tools. They also include an integrated version of xSOFTip Explorer and unique tools such as the XTA and xSCOPE. Find out more about xTIMEcomposer Studio.


The xSOFTip Explorer graphical tool provides you with a single place to browse, choose from and configure our library of xSOFTip blocks, allowing you to concentrate on the application. It is available as a standalone tool and also integrated into xTIMEcomposer Studio. Find out more about xSOFTip Explorer.

XMOS Timing Analyzer video

A key part of the xTIMEcomposer Studio tool suite, the XMOS Timing Analyzer (XTA) is a static timing analysis tool that has been integrated with the compiler, to allow developers to identify worst case execution time for code blocks and functions. The XTA can be used to guarantee that your applications always meet the most strict deadlines. Find out more about the XMOS Timing Analyzer.

xSCOPE video

xSCOPE is also an integral part of xTIMEcomposer. This unique software tool allows variable tracing/print data to be captured from processes running on hardware with minimal overhead, while also being flexible enough to allow users to define which program state to trace. Data can be visualized in real time in xTIMEcomposer Studio or stored for offline analysis. Find out more about xSCOPE and real-time instrumentation.