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The xCORE-VOICE USB Smart Microphone (XVSM-2000) provides high performance hands-free voice capture (up to 3m) using microphone aggregation with advanced DSP technology and xCORE’s industry leading control and connectivity.

The XVSM-2000 can be used stand-alone as a USB conferencing solution, or embedded with an Applications Processor to provide a high-integrity voice interface. Advanced DSP capabilities that include beamforming, half-duplex acoustic echo cancellation and de-reverb ensure that voice sources can be delivered with high quality, guaranteeing exceptional user-experience for conference participants, or speech recognition systems.

XVSM-2000 functional block diagram

xCORE-VOICE XVSM-2000 functional block diagram



  • xCORE-VOICE XVSM-2000 processor
    • Programmable multicore microcontroller
    • Integrated microphone and voice DSP
      • Beamforming with configurable beam width and non-stationary noise suppression (up to 20dB attenuation)
      • Half-duplex acoustic echo cancellation (up to 80dB att.)
      • Stationary noise suppression (up to 20dB att.)
      • De-reverb (up to 20dB att.)
  • Backhaul
    • High speed USB2.0 compliant device Multichannel USB Audio Class 2.0
    • Optional TDM (time division multiplexed) interface
  • Voice capture
    • Up 3m distant
    • Up to 16 element PDM microphone array
    • Up to 100dB SNR
  • Audio output options
    • I2S mono/stereo output
    • DSP options: compressor, limiter
  • Package options
    • TQFP128
  • System control options
    • Industry’s most flexible GPIO
    • Extensive general purpose libraries



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