xCORE-VOICE Processors | XMOS


VocalFusion voice processors maximise the multichannel audio capabilities of xCORE devices, high quality integrated DSP and flexible I/O, to deliver high quality far-field voice capture solutions in a single device. With interfaces defined in software, XMOS provides the most flexible high quality solution for designers and fastest time-to-market.

Based on arrays of digital MEMS microphone arrays, captured streams can be backhauled over USB or I2S interfaces to application processors, DSPs and PCs, or sent over a secure wireless connection to cloud speech recognition services.

VocalFusion solutions provide affordable voice interfaces for many product categories including: smart speakers and TVs, gaming consoles, IoT home hubs and home appliances.


VocalFusion Voice Processors

VocalFusion™ far-field voice interfaces:

  • capture voice up to 5m distant, using arrays of MEMS microphones;
  • apply complex microphone and acoustic DSP to captured signals;
  • use full-duplex acoustic echo cancellation to enable barge-in and voice activation;
  • connect directly to an application processor or remote Cloud services;
  • deliver high quality audio streams to ASR services or human-friendly voice output to standard comms ports;
  • include High-Speed USB or I2S host interfaces;
  • support keyword activation technologies used to trigger always-on products;
  • programmable I/O for control interfaces.