xCORE-200 Ethernet (XE) Multicore Microcontrollers | XMOS


The xCORE-200 Ethernet family of devices (XE and XEF) extends the popular xCORE architecture to provide increased performance, memory footprint and flexibility for the most demanding applications.

xCORE-200 XL/XLF implements a dual-issue processor pipeline to boost peak compute performance to 2000MIPS and 1000MMACS. Up to 512KB on-chip SRAM memory is available. Each member of the xCORE-200 family has an embedded flash option for applications where additional security is required.


  • Devices ranging from 16 to 32 cores
  • Multicore compute between 2000MIPS (16 core) and 4000MIPS (32 cores)
  • Integrated Gb Ethernet RGMII interface
  • Integrated USB 2.0 PHY for high/full-speed host and device operation
  • Flexible, high performance configurable I/O capability
  • Up to 1024KB on-board memory for demanding applications
  • Embedded QuadSPI flash options - up to 2048KB on-board
  • DSP integration using our native 32b/64b instructions
  • Free software library support to implement your exact mix of peripherals
  • Easy to use with our free xTIMEcomposer tools


xCORE-200 Ethernet devices are available in a range of resource densities, package, performance and temperature grades depending on your needs.

 1612811512-162000FB236datasheet buy
XEF2161681115122048162000TQ128datasheet buy
 16128115122048162000FB236datasheet buy
XE23232176221024-324000FB374datasheet buy
XEF232321762210242048324000FB374datasheet buy
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