xCORE-200 Multicore Microcontrollers | XMOS


xCORE-200 is our flagship range of products, offering up to 32 logical cores and 4000MIPS processing power. With industry-leading price-performance ratios, xCORE-200 brings multicore compute capabilities to an even broader range of established and emerging applications including high-volume consumer audio and AV devices, consumer and service robotics, Gigabit Ethernet-equipped protocol bridges and time-sensitive networking equipment.

Three device families provide a range of price points and functionality to suit any application: the unique benefits of flexibility and determinism offered by the xCORE architecture are extended with the provision of increased memory footprint, optional integrated Flash, Gigabit Ethernet and USB 2.0 PHY.


  • Industry-leading price/performance: down to ¢20 / logical core
  • Up to 32 cores and 4000MIPS
  • Optional integrated Gigabit Ethernet RGMII interface
  • Optional USB 2.0 PHY supporting host and device operation
  • Flexible, high performance configurable I/O capability
  • Up to 1024KB SRAM and QuadSPI 2048KB Flash
  • DSP integration using our native 32b/64b instructions
  • Free software library support to implement your exact mix of peripherals