xCORE-eXtended Architecture (the XA Family) combines multicore microcontroller technology with an ultra-low-power ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor, to create the next wave in programmable system-on-chip (SoC) products.

xCORE-XA block diagram

The xCORE-XA architecture allows embedded system designers to use high-level software to configure a device with the exact set of interfaces and peripherals needed for their design, while re-using existing ARM binary code and standard library functions, and taking advantage of ultra-low energy fixed-function peripherals. Designers can also add real-time data-plane plus control processing and DSP blocks, using multiple xCORE processor cores, with the ARM available to run control plane processing software such as communication protocol stacks, standard graphics libraries, or complex monitoring systems.

xCORE-XA delivers all of this in a single low-cost, ultra-low-energy, programmable SoC that is programmed completely in C-code. Embedded system designers no longer have to choose between expensive, power hungry, programmable logic devices, inflexible fixed-function alternatives, or traditional microcontrollers that lack computing power and are constrained by a hardware-defined peripheral set.


  • Eight 32bit processors - seven xCORE logical cores plus an ARM Cortex-M3 processor
  • 192KB SRAM, and up to 1024KB SPI Flash
  • Optional low energy USB interface
  • Ultra low-energy peripherals and analog functions including ADC, DAC, op-amps and capacitive sensing comparators.

The xCORE-XA architecture provides flexible energy management modes. It requires less than 1uA of current to run the integrated real-time clock and 32kHz peripherals, for fast turn-on and time-polled operation. In power-down mode, devices draw less than 100nA and can wake-up from a GPIO or reset input.

Like all xCORE devices, the XA Family can make use of the wide range of xSOFTip software peripherals. Devices are supported with an integrated design-flow, by the xTIMEcomposer Suite of tools that includes comprehensive design entry, compilation and debug support for both the ARM and multiple xCORE processor cores.


xCORE-XA devices are available in a range of resource densities, package, performance and temperature grades depending on your needs.

Part Logical cores MIPS SRAM KB Flash GPIO xCORE/ARM Package Qualification
XS1-XAU8A-10 8+Cortex M3 500 192 1024 40/70 FBGA265 Commercial/Industrial