Our reference designs provide application specific solutions that are very close to how you might want to use xCORE devices in your own products. Each reference design includes a hardware kit and all the IP required, delivering the fastest time to market solution. Source code for all reference designs is available, allowing you to customize the solution to meet your precise requirements.

Many customers have used our USB Audio 2.0 Reference Design to adapt quickly to the fast pace of adoption of this technology on the desktop. More recently, we have helped drive adoption of Ethernet AVB with a proven low-cost end-point solution.

USB Audio reference designs

Ethernet AVB reference designs

Multi-Function Audio Board

USB Multi-Function Audio

The Multi-Function Audio (MFA) reference design is based on the XS1-U6-64 device that provides high quality digital audio connectivity for pro-audio and consumer applications. The board supports 2 channels input and 2 channels output, each via I2S. Support for Apple devices to operate in USB Host Mode, as well as in USB Device Mode with support for USB Role Switch are available to licensees of Apple’s MFi program.

AVB audio endpoint kit

AVB Audio Endpoint Kit

The XMOS AVB endpoint is an Ethernet Audio Video Bridging endpoint solution consisting of the flexible XMOS implementation of AVB audio and a low-cost board supporting up to 8 duplex channels of audio.

USB Audio 2.0 DJ Kit Reference Design

USB DJ Audio Platform

USB Audio solution based on the XS1-U8 device, providing high quality digital audio connectivity for pro-audio and consumer applications. The board supports 4 input channels and 4 output channels via I2S, and MIDI I/O too.

AVB Daisy Chain kit

AVB Audio Daisy Chain kit

The XMOS Audio Video Bridging Daisy Chain endpoint (AVB-DC) is a two-port Ethernet MAC relay implementation that provides time-synchronized, low latency streaming services through IEEE 802 networks.

USB Audio 2.0 Multichannel Reference Design

USB Multi-Channel Audio U16 Platform

A USB Audio 2.0 multi-channel solution based on the XS1-U16-128 device. The board offers 8 analog input channels and 8 analog outputs, as well as digital I/O connectivity. The software framework enables USB Audio products with up to 40 audio channels.