Multi-channel audio connectivity applications require the programmable flexibility and low-latency deterministic performance delivered by xCORE multicore microcontrollers. On-chip Hardware Response ports allow complex timing-critical interfaces to be defined in software, and powerful multicore processing always ensures bit perfect transfer of audio data from one interface to another.

Famous brands including Sony, Sennheiser and Meridian Audio have already used our family of hardware and software audio connectivity development platforms, which provide complete reference implementations of USB Audio Class 2.0 and Ethernet AVB Audio.

  • Universal MP3/smartphone audio docks
  • Smart-phone backpacks
  • USB speakers and microphones
  • Soundbar speakers
  • Surround sound home-cinema systems
  • High end headphones
  • Game console audio
  • Audiophile systems
  • Spatialization, equalization, and audio DSP



  • HRA formats - PCM 384kHz, DSD512
  • low jitter, bit perfect audio
  • asynchronous clock

HRA applications demand speed and efficiency, robust bit perfect audio streaming and flexible multi-format audio connectivity. xCORE solutions remove all barriers to entry and provide real-time high-performance processing, enabling rapid technical innovation.

With xCORE, you can quickly create the designs you need to differentiate your products in the consumer and pro-audio market space. You can realize greater clarity and detail of sound whilst retaining a convenient, portable and personalised design.

The HRA trend is moving fast and gaining momentum with many key industry players. xCORE solutions deliver scalable reusable designs, future proofed products and reduced development times. Using xCORE you can get to market fast, with an increased competitive advantage.

Check out the latest Hi-Res Audio products based on xCORE devices, and find the XMOS development platform that best fits your requirements.

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  • 1-32+ bi-directional channels
  • PCM 384kHz, DSD128, DoP

A scaleable platform that provides one-to-many channels is an absolute requirement of any multi-channel audio product. The platform must be flexible so you can create a range of products and maximise your IP, while future-proofing yourself against new standards and ever-increasing channel count requirements.

The performance and configurability of xCORE multicore microcontrollers delivers support for very high bi-directional channel counts, scalable audio resolutions and formats, and flexible audio interfaces. xCORE provides the ideal future-proofed solution for your multichannel audio products.

The XMOS solution gave us the perfect starting point. Its flexibility allows us to easily customize the processor to our exact requirements. The single XMOS device replaces a number of components from our previous designs, dramatically upgrading our standard sound specifications, and reducing our material cost.



  • flexible input & output
  • multiple resolutions
  • low latency, bit perfect audio

The rise of online audio channels creates the need to simultaneously record and stream live performances, all at different resolutions. xCORE solutions provide bit accurate audio transfer to preserve the integrity of the live event and enable precise digital conversion in to audio formats that allow for both live streaming and online publishing of audio tracks

Whether it’s a sound mixing console or a portable DJ deck the needs are the same: sound quality, intuitive controls and flexible inputs and outputs. xCORE solutions can perform sophisticated audio routing and real-time 64bit audio DSP with near zero latency - and at the same time monitor and drive user controls and displays.

XMOS delivers the connectivity and control required by the latest pro-audio technologies.

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  • Ethernet AVB
  • time sensitive networks

Business benefits are driving the increasing move to Ethernet-based network audio. Networked audio installations appear in many applications from public address systems and live broadcasting to the automotive and commercial worlds. All these sectors demand the high-fidelity, low latency, robust delivery which can be achieved with xCORE

There are many open and proprietary network audio standards. Each brings their own benefit but with no clear leader, the decision of which to adopt can be difficult. And then you have to integrate your chosen networked audio standard together with your product specific features.

xCORE solutions are agnostic enabling you to support your chosen standard today whilst future proofing for tomorrow. xCORE solutions provide deterministic multicore performance, ensuring each product feature performs as you need it to. The result is a high performance, competitive and differentiated networked audio product.

In the complex world of networked audio companies must navigate many industry standards and integrate their own technical functionality. Use our Ethernet AVB solutions to solve the problem.