USB Multi-Channel Audio U16

Silicon on Board: XS1-U16A-128

The USB Multi-Channel Audio U16 will be removed from sale, effective 31/1/16. For further information including recommended replacement see EOL notice.

The USB Multi-Channel Audio U16 Platform is a complete development hardware and reference software solution for multi-channel USB audio applications.

The hardware platform uses the XS1-U16 multicore microcontroller; an XMOS xCORE-USBâ„¢ device with an integrated High Speed USB 2.0 PHY and 16 logical cores delivering 1000MIPS of deterministic and responsive processing power.

Exploiting the flexible programmability of the xCOREâ„¢ architecture, the platform supports USB audio streaming of up to 20 channels at 192kHz, and includes 18in/8out audio mixing functionality.

The guaranteed Hardware-Responseâ„¢ times of xCORE technology always ensure low latency (round trip as low as 3ms), bit perfect audio streaming to and from the USB host.

Delivered as source code, the reference software provides a fully featured production ready solution, including support for: Full- and High-Speed USB operation, USB Audio Class 2.0 & 1.0, MIDI, HID and DFU classes.


  • USB audio hardware development and reference software platform
    • 8 channel analog input and output
    • S/PDIF or ADAT input and output
    • MIDI input and output
    • 18in/8out digital audio mixer
  • USB compliant device
    • High-Speed USB device
      Optional Full-Speed fall-back
    • USB Audio Class 2.0 device
      Optional Audio Class 1.0 fall-back
    • Bus- or self-powered
  • Bit perfect USB audio transfer
    • Asynchronous Isochronous from host
    • Adaptive Isochronous to host
    • PCM ≤192kHz at 16, 24 or 32bits
    • Local crystal audio clocking
    • PLL recovery of digital audio clock
  • Multiple OS support
    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Apple iOS
    • Android
  • Royalty free software stack
    • Provided as source code

Driver support

See USB Audio Driver Support for detailed information.

Windows Developers

See command length restrictions for information on building projects based on the USB Audio reference software.

Designing USB Audio 2.0 products

The USB Multi-Channel Audio U16 platform is based on the XS1-USB device. We recommend that new USB Audio 2.0 designs should be based on xCORE-200 XU (USB) devices instead of xCORE-USB devices. See the xCORE-200 USB Audio Multichannel Platform.