I2S Slave

I2S Slave Usage

The following code snippet demonstrates the basic usage of an I2S slave device.

#include <xs1.h>
#include <i2s.h>

// Setup ports and clocks
port_t p_bclk  = XS1_PORT_1B;
port_t p_lrclk = XS1_PORT_1C;
port_t p_din [4] = {XS1_PORT_1D, XS1_PORT_1E, XS1_PORT_1F, XS1_PORT_1G};
port_t p_dout[4] = {XS1_PORT_1H, XS1_PORT_1I, XS1_PORT_1J, XS1_PORT_1K};
xclock_t bclk = XS1_CLKBLK_1;

// NOTE:  p_lrclk does not need to be enabled by the caller

// Setup callbacks
//  NOTE: See API or SDK examples for more on using the callbacks
i2s_callback_group_t i_i2s = {
         .init = (i2s_init_t) i2s_init,
         .restart_check = (i2s_restart_check_t) i2s_restart_check,
         .receive = (i2s_receive_t) i2s_receive,
         .send = (i2s_send_t) i2s_send,
         .app_data = NULL,

// Start the slave device in this thread
//  NOTE: You may wish to launch the slave device in a different thread.
//        See the XTC Tools documentation reference for lib_xcore.
i2s_slave(&i_i2s, p_dout, 4, p_din, 4, p_bclk, p_lrclk, bclk);

I2S Slave API

The following structures and functions are used to initialize and start an I2S slave instance.

void i2s_slave(const i2s_callback_group_t *const i2s_cbg, port_t p_dout[], const size_t num_out, port_t p_din[], const size_t num_in, port_t p_bclk, port_t p_lrclk, xclock_t bclk)

I2S slave task

This task performs I2S on the provided pins. It will perform callbacks over the i2s_callback_group_t callback group to get/receive data from the application using this component.

The component performs I2S slave so will expect the word clock and bit clock to be driven externally.

  • i2s_cbg – The I2S callback group pointing to the application’s functions to use for initialization and getting and receiving frames. Also points to application specific data which will be shared between the callbacks.

  • p_dout – An array of data output ports

  • num_out – The number of output data ports

  • p_din – An array of data input ports

  • num_in – The number of input data ports

  • p_bclk – The bit clock input port

  • p_lrclk – The word clock input port

  • bclk – A clock that will get configured for use with the bit clock