Explorer Board

This example application demonstrates various capabilities of the Explorer board.

The example consists of pdm_mics to a simple audio processing pipeline which applies a variable gain. Pressing button 0 will increase the gain. Pressing button 1 will decrease the gain. The processed audio is sent to the DAC.

When button 0 is pressed, LED 0 will be lit. When button 1 is pressed, LED 1 will be lit. When the gain adjusted audio passes a frame power threshold, LED 2 will be lit. Lastly, LED 3 will blink periodically.

Additionally, the example demonstrates a simple flash, UART loopback and SPI setup.

Preparing the hardware

The UART loopback section of the demo requires that a jumper cable be connected between X1D36 and X1D39. This connects the Tx pin to the Rx pin.

Building the firmware

Run the following commands in the xcore_sdk root folder to build the firmware:

cmake -B build -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=xmos_cmake_toolchain/xs3a.cmake
cd build
make example_bare_metal_explorer_board
cmake -G "NMake Makefiles" -B build -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=xmos_cmake_toolchain/xs3a.cmake
cd build
nmake example_bare_metal_explorer_board

Running the firmware

From the xcore_sdk build folder run:

make run_example_bare_metal_explorer_board
nmake run_example_bare_metal_explorer_board

Debugging the firmware with xgdb

From the xcore_sdk build folder run:

make debug_example_bare_metal_explorer_board
nmake debug_example_bare_metal_explorer_board