xCORE-200 sliceKIT

Part #: XK-SK-X200-ST
Silicon on Board: XE216-512-FB236

The xCORE-200 sliceKIT features our 16-core device (XE216-512-FB236) which delivers the deterministic, responsive processing required to handle a variety of peripheral interfaces, data processing and control tasks.

We also provide Gigabit Ethernet, UART and I2C communications and I/O interfacing as part of the kit. These capabilities can be developed with our rapidly expanding library of sliceKIT I/O boards.

Your application development is supported by a range of library peripherals, which are seamlessly integrated into xTIMEcomposer Studio, allowing you to drag and drop your multicore microcontroller configuration into your xCORE-200 sliceKIT.


  • XE216-512-FB236 device
  • 16 logical cores, 512KB SRAM, up to 2000MIPS
  • Flexible core board supporting up to four digital I/O slots for sliceCARDs
  • Gigabit Ethernet sliceCARD for 1000Mb applications; also compatible with existing 10/100Mbps Ethernet slice (XA-SK-E100)
  • GPIO sliceCARD
  • xTAG debug adaptor
  • Supported by xTIMEcomposer software tools