xCORE-Analog sliceKIT

Part #: XK-SK-A16-ST
Silicon on Board: XS1-A16A-128-FB217

The xCORE Analog sliceKIT (XK-SK-A16-ST) is end of life and will be withdrawn from sale effective 2018-01-15. For further information including recommended replacement see EOL notice.

The xCORE-Analog sliceKIT kit contains everything you need to start developing applications on the powerful xCORE™ multicore microcontrollers from XMOS. The xCORE-Analog sliceKIT features our 16-core xCORE-Analog device (XS1-A16-128) which combines the low latency and timing determinism of the xCORE architecture with the simplicity and ease of use of integrated analog peripherals.

We also provide Ethernet communications and Analog I/O interfacing as part of the kit, and these capabilities can be developed with our rapidly expanding library of I/O boards (sliceCARD).

Application development is supported by our xSOFTip library, which is seamlessly integrated into xTIMEcomposer Studio, allowing you to drag and drop your multicore microcontroller configuration into the sliceKIT.

xCORE-Analog sliceKIT Kit Contents

  • Flexible core board with 1000MIPS, 16-core xCORE-Analog multicore microcontroller
  • Five I/O slots for sliceCARDs (up to four can be used simultaneously)
  • Four digital slots and one mixed signal slot for I/O sliceCARDs
  • Mixed Signal sliceCARD
  • 10/100 Ethernet sliceCARD
  • xTAG debug adaptor
  • JTAG adapter