Silicon on Board: XS1-U6A-64-FB96

The xTAG-PRO (XA-XTAG-PRO) is end of life and will be withdrawn from sale effective 2017-11-23. For further information including recommended replacement see EOL notice.

xTAG-PRO™ is a high quality debug adapter with analog and digital scopes, and dynamic power monitoring. xTAG-PRO supports all XMOS development boards making it easy to develop with xCORE multicore microcontrollers.

Based on the proven xTAG-2 debug adapter and an XS1-U6A-64 device, xTAG-PRO is USB-powered with very high performance. With multiple-channel digital and analog I/O, applications are now easier to profile and debug. You can use the xTIMEcomposer tools to monitor the xCORE device power consumption and your application behavior using the xSCOPE library and simulator; as well as verifying timing requirements using the XMOS Timing Analyzer.

The xTAG-PRO has a high quality metal case, making it a standout feature amongst your development hardware. The multi-state LEDs show the current activity of the xTAG-PRO making it easier to debug your applications, and the reset button lets you quickly interrupt or reset a system.

Using xTAG-PRO with Windows 7 (64bit) and USB 3 ports: Windows 7 has a long standing issue with USB 3 drivers, as USB 3 was not supported by Microsoft with their own driver until Windows 8. This means that every machine has to use the manufacturer's Windows USB 3 driver. If xTIMEcomposer cannot find the xTAG-PRO adapter (despite Windows reporting proper driver installation) please refer to the workaround described on: http://www.xcore.com/questions/2997/xtag-issues-windows-7-64-bit-and-usb-3-ports.


  • Analog header with 4-channel analog inputs
  • xSYS header for 2-channel digital inputs
  • Fully compatible with xTAG-2
  • 2x faster code loading and debug than xTAG-2
  • Dynamic power monitoring
  • Multi-state LEDs for easier application debugging
  • Context sensitive button to interrupt or reset a system
  • USB-powered, based on XS1-U6A-64 device
  • High quality metal enclosure
  • Easy to use with the xTIMEcomposer tools