Part #: XK-SK-U16-ST
Silicon on Board: XS1-U16A-128-FB217

The xCORE USB sliceKIT (XK-SK-U16-ST) is end of life and will be withdrawn from sale effective 2018-01-15. For further information including recommended replacement see EOL notice.

The xCORE-USB sliceKIT contains everything you need to start developing USB applications on xCORE multicore microcontrollers. The xCORE-USB sliceKIT features our 16 core High Speed USB device which delivers the deterministic, responsive processing required to handle a variety of peripheral interfaces, data processing and control tasks.

The kit includes the USB sliceCARD with USB A and USB B connectors which works with xCORE-USB integrated High Speed USB 2.0 PHY. Our sliceKIT product range includes a wide variety of other slice I/O cards, making it easy to rapidly develop systems.

xCORE-USB sliceKIT Kit Contents

  • Core board with 16 core xCORE-USB multicore microcontroller
  • USB A/B sliceCARD
  • Mixed Signal sliceCARD
  • xTAG debug adaptor
  • Power supply