Package information#

The XVF3800 is supplied in 60 pin QFN package 0.4 mm pitch with additional paddles underneath for VSS and VDD supplies.

Package Dimensions#

The physical dimensions and pin configuration of the XVF3800 device is shown in the figure below:


Fig. 9 Package Dimensions#

Device Markings#

XVF3800 specific device markings are shown below. Only XMOS parts marked with the V16A0VF3 product code are compatible with and licensed to be used with XVF3800 firmware.


Fig. 10 XVF3800 Package Marking#

Moisture Sensitivity Level#

The package moisture sensitivity level rating is MSL-3. Devices have a shelf life of 168 hours between removal from the packaging and reflow, provided they are stored below 30 ° C and 60% RH. If devices have exceeded these values or an included moisture indicator card shows excessive levels of moisture, then the parts should be baked as appropriate before use. This is based on information from Joint IPC/JEDEC Standard for Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Non-hermetic Solid-State Surface-Mount Devices (J-STD-020 Revision D).

Hazardous Materials#

This product complies with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

For details refer to

Order Codes#

Table 22 Ordering codes#

Product code

Marking **




Commercial Temp range (0 – 70 ° C) - 3.3V IO


** MC – Manufacturer, YY – Year code, WW – Week code