XTC Tools Guide

The XTC tools are required by anyone developing or deploying applications on an XCore processor. The tools include:

  • “Tile-level” toolchain (Compiler, assembler, etc)

  • System libraries

  • “Network-level” tools (Multi-tile mapper etc)

  • XSIM simulator

  • XGDB debugger

  • Deployment tools

The tools as delivered are to be used within a command line environment, though may also be integrated with your preferred IDE.

Ultra quick start

  1. Install the tools and configure the command line environment

  2. Write a short program:

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void) {
      printf("Hello world\n");
  3. Build your application:

    $ xcc -target=XCORE-200-EXPLORER main.c -o hello.xe
  4. Run it in the simulator (requires no hardware):

    $ xsim hello.xe
  5. Run it on hardware (requires XTAG adapter and target board):

    $ xrun hello.xe


    Your target board will be accompanied by advice on the correct value to supply for xcc -target in step 3.


For all support relating to the XTC tools, raise a ticket. Be sure to supply the toolkit version within your ticket.