XC-1 Development Kit

Part #: XC-1-DK
Silicon on Board: XS1-G04B-FB512

The XMOS XC-1 Development Kit will be removed from sale, effective 31/1/16. For further information including recommended replacement see EOL notice.

The XC-1 XCard is a fast and cost effective route to trying out your design ideas using the latest multi-threaded XMOS silicon.

  • Four-core XS1-G4 programmable device
  • 16 user-configurable LEDs and 4 push buttons
  • Speaker for use with a software-driven 1-bit DAC
  • 0.1" pitch through-holes for four 16-way IDC headers and prototyping area for additional components
  • Powered directly from the host workstation's USB port which also serves as the debug connection
  • Credit card sized (85 x 54 mm)

The XC-1 Development Kit includes the XC-1 card and USB programming/power cable.